Coronavirus Protocols for Shows 2020

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Arrive – Compete – Leave

Thank you for entering the upcoming show at Easton College. In order to run the shows, we have to operate a number of procedures, some of these are dictated by Easton, but most of them are our own rules to do our best to try to limit the possibility of transmission of Covid 19.
It is important that these rules are followed to the letter, and we will ask anyone who breaches them to leave the site immediately. Please note that not only is Easton a relatively small venue, but it is also an educational establishment with a reputation to maintain. Therefore, we ask the following:
· Please only bring one helper per horse plus the rider. For most people who are competing one horse this will be a maximum of two people. If you are competing two horses, this means no more than three people in total.
· Arrive no more than 20 minutes before your warm up time.
· Anyone arriving by car will be asked who they are supporting, and may be turned away if they exceed the number of supporters per person. All cars must park in the car park.
· We recognise that there may be competitors who usually bring their children with them. Please wherever possible leave your children with a friend/relative, however, if you do need to bring them then please contact Anna Goodley ahead of the show on 07734721183.
· Arrive, compete, leave – please exit the arena straight after your dressage test or showjumping round, in line with the times provided. You should put your horse away and leave the venue as quickly as you can.
· If you are competing in more than one class, please return to your lorry in between classes. The same applies if you are doing both dressage and showjumping, please return to your lorry during your wait.
· All results will be posted on facebook and our website. Rosettes will be posted to those who request them on the facebook post. Dressage sheets will be sent to you electronically.
· The café is closed, and the Bacon Centre is out of bounds – the door will be locked.
· The spectators seating area above the indoor arena is out of bounds. Please respect this, it an Easton College request.
· Where possible, please use your own toilet facilities. However, the toilets in the stable yard will be open for those unable to hang on!
· The warm up arena is limited to a maximum of 6 competitors at any one time plus one competitor in the holding area, and one person competing. There will be a collecting ring steward to help out with this.
· When the competitor before you is in, you will be asked to wait in the holding area. If you do not do this, then we cannot let a fellow competitor into the warm up arena.
· Nobody is allowed into the warm up arena – for the showjumping there will be a steward who is available to change the height of the jumps and to put up poles.
· Please do not clear poo from the arenas
· Please bring your own poo clearing equipment for the car park – and please clear up your poo! Bucket and a scoop or shovel is recommended.
· Hand sanitiser is available for everyone to use.
Normal rules for all shows
· Your horse should not be tied up outside your lorry unattended. If you are not with your horse, please put it back in your lorry.
· Under no circumstances should haynets be tied up outside lorries. They make a mess!
We really appreciate your assistance with all the above, and realise that the measures might sound strict. The helpers on the day are there to assist and we hope to retain a friendly and happy atmosphere. By sticking to these measures, it will help us to ensure we can run a fun and safe day!


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