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Dear competitors

We have an important message to communicate regarding the show on Sunday at Easton college.

Due to the outbreak of equine flu in the UK this year including in the Norfolk area recently, we are following the guidelines of our venue, Easton College.

We are therefore asking all competitors to bring their equine passports on Sunday 14th April for a vaccination check.

For dressage, please bring your passport into the secretary’s point in the cafe from 7am. We will check for a vaccination within the last 12 months, but not within the last 7 days. The dressage steward will be notified of the competitors who have produced a passport for checking. Anyone not having produced a passport for checking or whose horse / pony who has not received a vaccination within the last 12 months will not be allowed to compete and will be asked leave the premises, unless they can produce the correct passport within 15 minutes of being asked (if not already produced).

For showjumping, please bring your passports with you on entering into showjumping classes at the secretary’s point in the café. No entry will be accepted without a passport check. Competitors who are unable to produce a passport or whose horse / pony who has not received a vaccination within the last 12 months will be asked to leave the premises.

If two or more horses travel together and one or more of these horses are not vaccinated, then we will ask for the unvaccinated horse / pony to leave the premises – even if this means that the vaccinated horse/s / pony/s need to leave the premises too.

If you have entered dressage and have an unvaccinated horse / pony, please declare this to Louise Nevard before 9pm on Friday 12th April to receive a full refund.

We apologise for the late notice, however we believe that you will appreciate our efforts in achieving an environment that will limit further spreading of equine flu.

Many thanks

The Carleton Committee


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